Cardmember Benefits

Benefits for your Company

Monitoring and controlling expenses is a major priority for all Companies and it is essential to maximise the control and savings available through a robust expense management programme. This section reminds you of the considerable value available to you and your Company through using American Express Corporate Card as the payment method for all travel, entertainment and other Company expenses.

Corporate Membership Rewards Programme

The Corporate Membership Rewards programme lets your company earn up to 1.25 Membership Rewards points1 charged to the American Express Corporate Card. They will also earn 2 points1 for every S$1.00 spent on foreign currency transactions, Grab transactions, Computer Hardware, Software and Cloud Services and Online Advertising. The programme allows your company to consolidate all the points earned from multiple Cards into a single Corporate Membership Rewards account.

By charging all your company’s spend onto Cards enrolled2 into the Corporate Membership Rewards programme, your company can earn points1 faster and use these points to redeem for rewards that deliver savings to your business.

For an annual membership fee of S$75 per Card, the Corporate Membership Rewards programme lets you:
- Redeem for credit on charges that appear on your company’s Card Statement including travel expenses
- Redeem a wide selection of reward items for your company’s use
- Have visibility and control of these points and use them in areas that benefit your company the most
- Earn points1 that do not have an expiry date3

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Terms and Conditions
1. You will earn 1.25 points per S$1.00 on all spend, except for accelerated rewards, other rewards, and the exclusions stated below on your eligible Corporate Card Account, subject to Merchant acceptance and may be amended by American Express from time to time:

  • 2 points per S$1.00 spent on foreign currency transactions, Amazon Web Services, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Grab (excluding top-ups) and Microsoft Online Store
  • 0.5 points per S$1.00 spent on AIA and selected utility providers, such as Best Electricity, Geneco, Keppel Electric, PacificLight, Sembcorp Energy, Senoko Energy, Sunseap Energy and Tuas Power
  • 0.25 points per S$1.00 spent on Singtel and SP Utilities

2. A company may participate in the Corporate Membership Rewards Programme and open a Programme Account subject to approval from American Express. A Programme Account cannot be linked to an individual Membership Rewards Programme Account. American Express® Corporate Gold Card and American Express® Corporate Green Card are eligible for enrolment. A company must enrol the Card(s) it wishes to earn points under the Programme. Annual fee for participation in the Programme is S$75 per Card, inclusive of GST, that is enrolled in the Programme.
3. There is no expiry date for points earned while in the Programme as long as the company Corporate Card Account remains active and is in good standing. If a company cancels the Programme Account, the company will have 30 days from the day of cancellation to redeem any points accrued in the Account. Any points accrued in the Programme Account but not redeemed within 30 days will be forfeited and will not be capable of transfer, conversion or redemption.
For full Corporate Membership Rewards terms, please click here.

Increase visibility

Capturing all travel, entertainment, fuel and general Company expenses within a single expense management system provides management with full transparency and visibility of Company expenses. This provides the opportunity to ensure conformance to policy, identify savings opportunities, and consolidate the supplier base.

The Corporate Card programme is a complete expense management solution, and its benefits increase proportionately with standardised usage of the Card. The programme provides Companies with the opportunity to leverage the insights and best practices needed to maintain competitiveness in today's business climate

Drive Savings

Live the World with American Express
Live the World offers enable Card Members to access great savings1 on dining, lodging and more in Singapore and around the world. For more details click here

Increase Control

In today's fast and dynamic business environment it is essential for Companies to have the necessary controls for sustainable growth. The American Express Corporate Card has the following features to help Companies increase the level of control over their business expenses:

  • Spending Limits
    Your Company can request that spending limits be set for individual Cardmembers for total expenditure each month, or by individual transaction. Spending limits provide a high degree of reassurance and comfort.
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  • @ Work Programme Management and Management Information (MI) Reporting
    @ Work Programme Management allows Programme Administrators to submit and process Card application and maintenance transactions via a secure browser. MI Reporting transforms raw data from our payment methods and turns it into user-friendly reports.

    To begin enjoying the benefits offered by @ Work, you are required to enrol, by simply filling in the @ Work Registration Form and return it to American Express as per the instruction on the form. You will then receive an @ Work welcome email that explains how you activate your @ Work user enrolment.

    Simply follow the steps and begin enjoying the benefits of online Administration and Reporting with @ Work.

  • Billing and Payment Options
    Flexible options let you work with your internal accounting systems and schedules. Click here for more information.

  • Online Fraud Protection Guarantee
    Provides peace-of-mind when using your Card over the Internet. Click here for more information.

Benefit Employees

Employees are a Company's biggest asset, and it's important to retain the best staff. That's why we provide a range of Cardmember rewards and services to meet the needs of all your employees, from the occasional domestic traveller to the frequent international traveller.

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Manage globally

If there is a need for your Company to leverage global tools, service and expertise to develop a multi-market programme, then the American Express Corporate Card programme can help to provide:

  • Consistent data through our Global Data Repository, closed loop network infrastructure and direct merchant relationships
  • A consolidated view of supplier spending across markets using our global reporting tools
  • A holistic view of your programme with data files that populate expense management tools and financial systems across markets
  • The opportunity to negotiate for greater savings from increased volume via a multi-market programme
  • A cohesive programme through our experienced global implementation resources.