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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has issued a regulatory Notice 626A, “Prevention of Money Laundering & Countering the Financing of Terrorism – Credit Card or Charge Card Licensees”. The information provided below is a comprehensive reference guide relating to MAS Notice 626A Regulatory requirements and how American Express is ensuring Corporate Products & Services are adherent to this legal requirement and how this may impact you.

MAS Notice 626A is a new set of Regulatory requirements that were issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore on 24 July 2015.

This impacts all Products on the American Express Corporate Card Programme. The legislation requires American Express to retain identification documents of all existing and new customers as set out in the notice.

Whilst MAS Notice 626, “Prevention of Money Laundering & Countering the Financing of Terrorism – Banks” has been applicable to banks since 2007; MAS Notice 626A now aligns credit card issuers to the standards set for the banking industry. To review the legislation please click on

From February 2016, Programme Administrators who are overseeing programs for Corporate products in Singapore will receive a form of communication from American Express relating to the MAS Notice 626A compliance mandated requirements
For more information, please click here for FAQs.


The table below contains a summary of the three letters being sent out. For a copy of the respective letter, please click on the
recipient type.

Recipient Type Call to action When will the letter be sent Time frame to
complete request
Programme Administrator Please advise the company’s Main Contact/ Programme Administrator, the Card Members and others associated with your Corporate account that we may be contacting them in the near future. Additionally, if any of these individuals contact you about this process, please assist us by confirming with the individual that this is a legitimate process. From February 2016 ASAP from “Date of Notification”
Entity Requirement
Access the form here
Please confirm and identify the authorised signatories & director with executive authority on the Corporate account by completing the information collection form. From March 2016 8 weeks from “Date of Notification”
Card Member
Please provide a copy of the ID documentation requested on the letter. For further details on the requirement – please refer to the copy of the letter. From March 2016 8 weeks from “Date of Notification”
    How can a Card Member send ID documents to American Express?
    Please click here to access the American Express Card Member document upload solution. This solution has been designed for Card Members to upload and securely send their certified Identification documentation to American Express.
    If you have any other inquiries, please reach out to the contacts listed in the Useful Contacts section.

    How can the Programme Administrator send certified ID documents to American Express?
    Please click here to access the American Express Company document upload solution. This solution has been designed for a Company contact to upload & securely send Company contact information & ID documentation to American Express.
    If you have any other inquiries, please reach out to the contacts listed in the Useful Contacts section.

    Please click here to view the FAQs.
    Please click here to access a printable format of the business reply envelope.
    This requirement does not apply for card members who have cancelled their American Express corporate card.

@ Work Client Product Training Forums

For information about monthly @ Work product training, please speak with your Account Manager for details on upcoming sessions.

@ Work Reporting Transformation

We want to remind you about the exciting new changes coming to American Express® @ Work Reporting. We have improved your online reporting experience with a transformed @ Work Reporting interface. Highlights of this transformation include:

  • A refreshed, modern @ Work Reporting user interface for improved usability and navigation
  • Simplified report list that delivers all your @ Work reports to a single location
  • Convenient menu to manage your report schedules

Have questions?

Download the @ Work Reporting User Guide.
Download the @ Work Transformation FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions.
Check out the @ Work Transformation Online Tutorial for an in-depth look at the transformed @ Work experience.

Enhanced security measures

As part of an industry wide effort, we are implementing additional security measures to provide Cardmembers with greater peace of mind when they use their American Express® Corporate Card.

From 1 October 2013, new Cardmembers will be required to activate the magnetic stripe on their American Express Corporate Card for overseas use. This is to enable magnetic stripe transactions at overseas merchants that do not have EMV (chip card) terminals to process payments. Activation of magnetic stripe can be done for a date-specific or for an indefinite period.

Cardmembers may activate the magnetic stripe using one of the following channels:
a. Logging on to
b. Calling our Card Activation hotline:
• Singapore 1800 296 7755
• Overseas +65 6296 7755
c. Calling the number printed on the back of your Card
• Singapore: 1800 732 2566
• Overseas: +65 6732 2566

For existing Cardmembers and for those Corporate Cards issued prior to 1 October 2013, the magnetic stripe shall remain activated. To make changes to this preference, Cardmembers may use the channels mentioned above.

To ensure Cardmembers are aware of these changes, a separate notification letter will be mailed out.

For more information, please click here for FAQs.

Turn your Business Expenses into Savings with Corporate Membership Rewards

The American Express Corporate Membership Rewards Programme turns your everyday Company expenses into valuable points. You can receive Corporate Membership Rewards point(s)1 on your corporate spend and pool all the points earned from multiple Cards into a single account – this means more rewards for you and your Company.

By having more Corporate Cards, you can receive points faster to use in a range of ways that can help out your business, including:

• Using points for credit on charges that appear on your Corporate Card statement
• Taking advantage of TripFlex™ to use points for credit on travel-related charges on your Corporate Card statement
• Using points to reward your staff or business partners, or even upgrade office equipment

Best of all, your points never expire² – so you can feel free to use them whenever your Company needs to.

To get started, simply complete and submit the Company application form at

Terms & Conditions:

1. For full Corporate Membership Rewards terms, please go to
2. Points will be awarded as long as your Card Account remains valid and enrolled in Membership Rewards, and provided it remains in good standing and is not cancelled for any reason. If you cancel your enrolment in Membership Rewards, you must redeem any points within 30 days of cancellation; otherwise, the points will be forfeited. If your Card Account is cancelled or terminated, any points in your Membership Rewards account will be forfeited on the date of Account cancellation.